1. Retro-Graphics

This was my first Plugin, it simply visualizes music. I tried to make it as pretty as possible, which wasn't easy, using the veery slow Standard-VC++ Graphic-Functions. It turned out to work better than expected and became pretty hypnotizing!

2. Evolution: Game of Life

This one is no real visualization, it just uses the Winamp-Environment. Watch my little genetic "creatures" become societies, comepetiting for food. They seed and harvest patterns in a cellular automaton called "The Game Of Life" (by John Conway). If you're interested in this, please try the new Version!

3. Fireflies

This is the prequel to my "Firefly Studio". I experimented with flocking behaviour, which resulted in very esthetic dancing moves, depending on the music.

4. Download and Instructions

This Software was written for the Mp3-Player "WinAmp" (free).

Download the Plugin-Pack, and extract the dll-files to Winamp's subdirectory "Plugins" (usually c:\program files\winamp\plugins).

In Winamp's menu, look for "Select Plugin", choose Visualization and then the plugin you want to run (egol2.dll, fireflies.dll, retro.dll). Then hit the start-button.