This is the stand-alone version of "Evolution: Game of Life". It features a mouse-controlled interface with statistics, selection tools, saving-functions, magnification and mouse-over help, to name some of the improvements. Additional functionality is to come.

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Download Evolution: Game of Life V2.0 (Windows, DirectX) 1MB
(no installation: download - extract - execute - breed)

1. What?

"Game of Life", invented by John Conway, is a "cellular automaton" - a two-dimensional, binary pattern (turquoise) that gets transformed from one state to the next by application of primitive neighberhood-rules. Gene-based Creatures (purple) eat it's cells to gain energy, multiply and to seed new patterns in "Game of Life". Depending on this individual pattern, it will expand or not, which will later decide between Life and Death.

Overpopulation, Hunger, War, natural Selection, parasitic- and symbiotic behavior,... all that can be observed and manipulated. These phenomena have not been specially coded, they occur as a natural result of this simulation and its possibilities.

2. How?

- "Game of Life": The neighbours of a cell are counted. Depending on that count, a new cell is born, an existing one keeps alive, or gets killed. These rules are applied to every cell, to generate the next simulation-step. This is done over and over again. In this simulation, "Game of Life" is used as something like plant-life.

- Genetic Instances: Each instance consists of identical instructions, giving them a basic behavior. These instructions are based on 35 Genes. They give them individual behavior and the oppertunity to work better or worse than others. An instance needs Energy to survive. It collects this energy by eating "Game of Life"-cells. It is used to move, multiply and, last but not least, seed it back to "Game of Life" in a genetically defined pattern. This is all Evolution needs to do the rest.

- New in Version 2.0: When a population reaches the Limit of 800 instances, 90% of them and 90% of their food is deleted. The remaining instances have reached the next level of Evolution. The higher the level, the less energy is collected by eating one cell.