Windows Beta 2.0 4.05 MB [Update 3-05-2006] - Now with Biomorphs!
(no installation required)

What is it?

This playable Simulation demonstrates how Evolution is able to optimize genetic settings. Battleships consist of about fourty genes. They have a primary mission: to obtain the enemy's "flags" and bring them home. While trying to achive this goal, they fight each other.

The user can take over control of any ship. This bypasses the genetics that control the artificial intelligence, but not the genetic physical abilities. This user-interaction has the effect of optimizing the ships for fighting against the user and his individual style. (If he is the dominant player, which propably won't be the case for long.)

Every ship has it's own score-counter. One point is added for shooting an enemy-ship, two for capturing the flag. Getting killed costs them one point, dieing from inactivity or killing a friendly ship costs them two points. The scores are reset if any ship reaches 25 points.

This results in three categories of ships: Prototypes (0 points), normal Ships and the Godfather (the one with the most points).

If Prototypes are shot down, their genes get crossed with those of their killer. If they die from inactivity, they mutate. If they blow up from shooting at low energy (or any other action without an enemy involved) they get crossed with the godfather. Therefore they can optimize and multiply their genes by killing or getting godfather. And therefore, they kill and/or get godfather. This is Evolution.